FLORENCE SULLIVAN 1826 – 12/1/1882


"You will further observe that Grandfather Sullivan, Florence that is, set up a shoe making shop in your Grandmother Mary Sweeney's place.  This shoe-making bears out what I told you countless years ago, that he had knowledge of leather-working that was useful during the building of the Erie Canal in sofar as the horses were concerned."  (Helen Sullivan Culyer to Judge Sweeney; May 29, 1979)

Their fathers name was also Florence and he came to this country and set up a shoe-making shop in Saratoga.  The Sweeneys had a ... picture of him which I tried to get without success.(Margaret Harrington, Oct 12 1956)

Residence (s):

Saratoga Springs, NY - Directory 1870 - 1884


Amsterdam, NY - Directory 1889 - 1900


1860 Census - Saratoga SpringsSaratogaNew York



1870 Census - Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, New York


1880 Census - Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, New York

m. Margaret McNulty on Nov 6, 1853 at St. Peters Church

Marriage Certificate:


Julia Sullivan (1855-)
Daniel Sullivan (b 1857 and died at age 6 yrs)
Catherine (Kate) Sullivan (1858
Peter Arthur Sullivan (1858 9 months younger than Kate)
Florence J. Sullivan (1868-_
Charles A. Sullivan (1870-1947)
Daniel P. Sullivan (1872-1947)
Ellen Sullivan
Michael E. Sullivan

Margaret McNulty:

1870 census, age 47

1860 census, age 33, cannot read

Probate Records:  


Naturalization Records:

Place:  New York     Year:  1857     
Primary immigrant:  O'Sullivan, Florence     
Permanent entry number:  4926323     
Source publication code:  6041.53     
Source publication page number:  111     
Source publication:  NATURALIZATIONS IN SARATOGA COUNTY BEFORE 1880. In The Saratoga (Valley Quarterlies, Rhinebeck, NY). vol. 10:1 (First Quarter, 1993), pp. 3-6 (M); vol. 10:2 (Second Quarter, 1993), pp. 51-52 (M-N); vol. 10:3 (Third Quarter, 1993), pp. 87-88 (N-O); vol. 10:4 (Fourth Quarter, 1993), pp. 111-112 (O-P); vol. 11:1 (First Quarter, 1994), pp. 7-8 (P-R); vol. 11:3 (Third Quarter, 1994), pp. 101-104 (R-S).     
Source annotation:  Date and place of naturalization. County of origin and names of witnesses are also provided.   

Witness to Daniel Sullivan's Naturalization 1854:


Headstone at St. Peters Cemetary:


Florence Sullivan 1826 – 11/ 26/1883

Charles A. Sullivan 1870 – 1947

Daniel Sullivan age 6 (most likely the first born son who died, his name would later be given to Daniel P. born in 1872)


1880 census, Margaret alone age 54

 6/1/1865 census, age 46, coachman, value 500

1860 census, village Saratoga Springs, all O’Sullivan, age 32, leastman?, property 700, estate 850,

Dwelling: 295

  Family: 333

Naturalized 9/15/1857 Saratoga Springs, NY

1855 census

10/28/1854 signed for Daniel Sullivan’s Naturalization (arrived in 1849 and turned 21 yrs after 2 yrs in US).  Witnessed by James Shea and Florence Sullivan

Came to Mary Sullivan Sweeney's house and set up shoe making business

1850 census no listing for Florence

Confirmed: Florence's mother was Julia and his father, Michael, had only one wife.