Residence (s):

Saratoga Springs, NY - Directory 1870 - 1884


Amsterdam, NY - Directory 1889 - 1900

New York, City -


1900 Census - Amsterdam Ward 6, Montgomery, New York


1910 Census -
Manhattan Ward 12,
New York, New York

1920 Census -

Bronx Assembly

District 8, Bronx, New York



1930 Census -
Manhattan, New York,
New York





Amsterdam Recorder Newspaper headlines for Florence J. Sullivan:


02/12/1896    Married Elizabeth Flaherty

04/12/1897    Founded Sullivan and Burke with Henry V. Burke

09/17/1897    Assist. District Attorney injured in bicycle accident in Schenectady

03/17/1898    Delivered speech on "Irish Patriotism"

07/31/1899    Dissolution of Sullivan and Burke

01/01/1900    Appointed City Attorney

10/30/1900    Republican Rally address given

09/01/1909    Mother Margaret dies in NY



Letter from Helen Sullivan Culyer to M.E. Sweeney; Nov 11, 1959 referring to Florence J. Sullivan

Helen Sullivan Culyer to Judge Sweeney; Nov 14, 1963

"My father was Peter Arthur, his brothers Charles, Michael, Florence and Daniel, the first two brothers, all handsome.  Their father was Florence, their Uncle, Michael Emmett, whose sons were Emmett and Earl.  ... They were great people our forebearers.  It followed that their descendents inherited noble standards as well as the good health.  I remember my uncles especially Uncle Charlie ... so proud of."  (Helen Sullivan Culyer to Judge Sweeney; May 14, 1975)