Married Connie Heide

"When Edmund Sullivan was returning to the Bronx after his military service in the Air Force, his Fifth Avenue Sullivan cousins planned a 'Welcome Home' dinner.  Ed's cousin Elizabeth was married to my mother's cousin Charles Ridder, and her sister Rita was married to Robert Huyot, who was the manager of the Carlisle Hotel where they lived.  My mother Gertrude Amend Heide received a phone call asking if one of her daughters could attend the dinner party and happily I (Connie) was available.


So I went to the party and when I was introduced to Edmund, handsome in his uniform (a Major),  it was a 'coup de foudre' (a bolt of lightening!).  I still remember the moment on October 13, 1945.  Suffice it to say that it was love at first sight and we were married on September 14, 1946.  Ted was Best Man and Paul an usher at our wedding.  And we lived happily every after" Connie Sullivan 1/15/2010


Family picture 2009     

Children: Memories of our father, Memories on the 14th year

Kevin Sullivan

Greg Sullivan

Laura Sullivan

Janet Sullivan

Joan Sullivan

Megan Sullivan

Mark Sullivan


July 2, 1963 Edmund wrote a letter to Celestine regarding contact information and addresses intended to provide Ted with information for his Special Ops application.



"This was at a Heide Family reunion in 2005 @Monmouth Beach Club on the Jersey Shore, where we grew up.  Ed died in '99 @ age 86....Connie is 84 here...there are 16 grandchildren and currently 7 great grandchildren" Kevin 12/29/2009

"This is the picture of the Heide family @Monmouth Beach Club in 2005....Regina has spent alot of time at MBC as part of the "Fresh Air" Program" Kevin 12/29/2009