MARY SULLIVAN 11/24/1829 - 2/23/1920

Married Daniel Sweeney (Naturalization Papers)


Dennis Sweeney
Julia Sweeney
Mary Louise Sweeney
Michael J. Sweeney
John Joseph Sweeney

Baptism of Denis Sullivan, 1861, oldest child   


1880 census, age 18 – possibly died a young man in buffalo


Daniel and Mary Sweeney family relationship

Death Certificate


Headstone at St. Peters Cemetary:


1990 Census   

History of Mary Sweeney and family       



Great Granddaughter Maureen S Torrens, Glenmoore, PA

Mary Sweeney MacDonald (Alabama) Collins, daughter

Daughters graduated from Skidmore, John a Doctor in Wash, and Michael a lawyer in Saratoga County

Identify DOB’s – then locate birth/christening certificate


Parents name and surname

Occupation father

1880 census, age 45, 5 children 8- 21 yrs all born in US

Uncle Michael was the youngest.  He always stayed with his sister,  Mary Sweeney, when he visited here.  She was tiny and very witty(Margaret Harrington to Helen Culyer, July 20 1953)

(Daughter Mary Sweeney MacDonald Collins) Lived in the south during the Spanish American War fever epidemic and nursed Captain D.P. Sullivan back to health.  He was in the 69th regimen.(Margaret Harrington, Oct 12 1956)

(Daughter Mary Sweeney MacDonald Collins) For years she lived in Alabama as the wife of MacDonald .  Mary was a wonderful woman.  As both her husbands had money, she was able to educate her nieces and nephews.  The girls graduated from Skidmore; John is a doctor in Washington D.C., and Michael is a lawyer here. (Margaret Harrington to Helen Culyer, July 20 1953)