DANIEL P. SULLIVAN  8/18/1872 – 5/6/1947

Daniel Patrick Sullivan      

Married Mary Agnes Corcoran    


Grandma Corcoran:

Arthur Sullivan
Edmund Burke Sullivan
Celestine Sullivan Flynn
Ursela Sullivan Reichert
Eileen Sullivan Ryan
Margaret Mary Sullivan
Theodore Roosevelt Thomas Sullivan
Paul Revere Sullivan

Married at St Francis Xaviers Church on W. 16th St

Performed by Very Rev. E. X. Fink late pres of Gonzaga College, Wash. DC.  Honeymoon spent in Saratoga Springs

Home will be “Rivera” 630-632 W. 189th Street 

Miss Helen J. Kane was bridesmaid and Michael J. Corcoran best man

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Corcoran, 204 West 11th Street and is a favorite in the Harlem Social Circles

Family Pictures:


Wedding Announcement:

Residence (s):

Saratoga Springs, NY - Directory 1870 - 1884


Amsterdam, NY - Directory 1889 - 1900

New York, City -


1900 Census

1910 Census - Bronx Assembly District 35, New York, New York


1920 Census - Bronx Assembly District 8, Bronx, New York

1930 Census - Bronx, Bronx, New York







Mary A






Edmond B



Margaret M










2 9/12


Mary A Nolan































Picture of Edmund, Arthur and Margaret Mary Sullivan

Margaret Mary Sullivan Arthur and Edmund

Daniel's Chronology:

Born 8/18/1872 in Saratoga Springs, NY


Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Schuylerville NY Sep 19, 1872

Witnesses Timothy and Honora Connor 

Sponsors John Sullivan and Mary Walsh

1897 - Enlisted for 6 years in the 69th Regimen in NY during the Spanish American War arising from private to captain

Attended Fordham University

Transferred to St Francis Xavier College and completed a AB Degree in 1896 and MA in 1897

Attended New York Law School

Admitted to the Bar in 1900 and practiced Law until his retirement in 1938

From Feb 1, 1897 to 1920 was in continuous employment with New York State (absent terms in Military Service)

Law Clerk for the Corporations Counsel Office in the Magistrates Courts

18 yrs as Clerk of the Supreme Court first Department in New York and Bronx Counties

In the legal department of U.S. Casualty Insurance Company

1929-1937 Assistant N.Y. Attorney General

WWI, enlisted in the Army 105th Infantry Twenty Seventh Division, AEF.  He served in Ypres, Flanders.  See 'Digging up the trenches', a documentary about the trench warfare in Ypres, Flanders.  The documentary is often seen on the History and Military channels.

Aug 6th 1918 took over as senior officer in Yves Belgium as temporary command of his company.    He would later serve as Lt Colonel in the Reserves.

Chief organizer and first commander of the Bronx American Legion.  In 1925 he was the unsuccessful candidate for the Bronx County Register.

Daniel was a republican in NYC when politics was dominated by the democratic party machine.  This is a picture of the Bronx Republican Party; Mary C. seated second from the right, Daniel, first, top row.


Past President of the Fordham-Bedford Park Community Counsel, he served as the chairman of the legions Bronx County Memorial Committee which dedicated nearly 1000 tree memorials to the WWI dead.

Took part in holding down the rents in New York State

Military Records:

Daniel P. Sullivan P, 2, Lt 69 NY Inf

US Army Historical Register 1789-1903 V2


  obit an article 'Col. Daniel Sullivan 1st Legion Head'



1930 census:

age 58 lawyer NY State vet – sp ww, district 638, address 2384, value 110,
Mary-W 47, Arthur 21 inspector Electric Light,
Edmond 20 Bookkeeper - Stockbroker,
Celestine 17, Eileen 15, Ursula 13, Theodore 7, Paul 5

69th regimen in Spanish Amer War, promoted to Captain.  Degrees at St Francis Xavier College and NY Law School

Biography Index: A cumulative index to biographical material in books and magazines.  Vol 1 Jan, 1946-July, 1949 NY: H.W. Wilson Co. 1949 (Bioln 1)

Lived in the south during the Spanish American War fever epidemic and nursed Captain D.P. Sullivan back to health.  He was in the 69th regimen. (Margaret Harrington, Oct 12 1956)

Helen Sullivan Culyer to Judge Sweeney; Nov 14, 1963

I'm rereading your 1975 letter, I see that your Aunt Mary Collins was fond of Uncle Dan - he was a charmer in looks and wit - had recalled that one of the Sullivans had lived with your mother for awhile.  That might have been my Grandfather Florence who I was told lived with his sister when he first came to the U.S." (Helen Culyer to Judge Sweeney; July 11th, 19xx)

"In your letter you mention Daniel Sullivan and Charles Sullivan.  When I was a young boy they used to come here summers.  My Aunt Mary had a close contact with them.  My Aunt lived in Alabama at one time and I can remember her telling me, and I believe it was the Spanish American War, Dan Sullivan was stationed there and used to come to her home.  He apparently got a promotion and she had to sew on the insignia of his rank, which she promptly did, but put them on backwards.  She was always fond of Dan.   (Michael E. Sweeney to Helen Sullivan Culyer; May 9, 1975)

"My father was Peter Arthur, his brothers Charles, Michael, Florence and Daniel, the first two brothers, all handsome.  Their father was Florence, their Uncle, Michael Emmett, whose sons were Emmett and Earl.  ... They were great people our forbearers.  It followed that their descendents inherited noble standards as well as the good health.  I remember my uncles especially Uncle Charlie ... so proud of."  (Helen Sullivan Culyer to Judge Sweeney; May 14, 1975)

(Mary Sweeney MacDonald Collins) Lived in the south during the Spanish American War fever epidemic and nursed Captain D.P. Sullivan back to health.  He was in the 69th regimen.(Margaret Harrington, Oct 12 1956)

(Mary Sweeney MacDonald Collins) For years she lived in Alabama as the wife of MacDonald .  Mary was a wonderful woman.  As both her husbands had money, she was able to educate her nieces and nephews.  The girls graduated from Skidmore; John is a doctor in Washington D.C., and Michael is a lawyer here. (Margaret Harrington to Helen Culyer, July 20 1953)




From 1924 to 1931, Frank Sullivan was a humorist for the New York World.

He was born in Saratoga Springs, New York.  He reported part-time for the Saratogian while in High School, then in 1914 he graduated with an A.B. from Cornell University and returned to work for the Saratogian, where he worked until he was drafted in 1917.  Upon his discharge Sullivan moved to New York and first worked for the Herald, then the Sun, and finally in 1922 the World.  Here he began as a reporter/feature writer.  He briefly did a news column, but his editor, Herbert Bayard Swope, saw his unusual talent for humor and made him a columnist in 1924.

As a humorist, Sullivan was known for his gentle touch and for the collection of fictitious characters as created: Aunt Sally Gallup, Martha Hepplethwaite, the Forgotten Bach (a member of the Bach family who was tone deaf),  and Mr. Arbuthnot, the cliché expert. Sullivan wrote his column until the World closed down in 1931, but he had also been writing humor articles for the New Yorker since 1926 and continued to do so until the 1950's.  He was also one of the celebrated Algonquin Round Table wits.  A lifelong bachelor, Sullivan returned to his childhood home in Saratoga Springs in the 1960's and lived there until his death in 1976.  He also contributed to Harper's, Atlantic Monthly, Good Housekeeping, and other magazines and published a dozen humor books.

List of Frank Sullivan's works  Quotes Guide to the Frank Sullivan Collection, Cornell
Excepts from Frank Sullivan at his Best
Original letters and documents can be found at the Saratoga Springs History Museum Canfield Casino Historical Society in Congress Park Saratoga Springs, NY.  The index to the archives is currently being built.  If approved, it will be available online for search purposes. 
Frank grew up at 177 Lincoln, Saratoga Springs, NY.

135 Lincoln where he
lived in later years.

Five Points Grocery store 
he where shopped.



His works:

  • Frank Sullivan at His Best
  • The Adventures Of The Pink Shovel And The Red Pail
  • A Moose in the Hoose  
  • A Pearl in Every Oyster  
  • A Rock in Every Snowball  
  • Archive of nineteen letters and cards by the American humorist, journal  
  • Autographed Letter, Signed, to Edith  
  • Broccoli and Old Lace  
  • Christmas card, signed to Edith  
  • Christmas greetings ephemera  
  • Frank Sullivan Through The Looking Glass: A Collection Of His Letters And Pieces  
  • Group of Letters  
  • In One Ear  
  • Innocent Bystanding  
  • Let nothing you dismay: Selected writings of Frank Sullivan  
  • Life And Times Of Martha Hepplethwaite. Boni & Liveright Ny 1926  
  • Life of the Party  
  • Sullivan Bites News: Perverse News Items  
  • The Life and Times of Martha Hepplethwaite  
  • The Night the Old Nostalgia  
  • The Night the Old Nostalgia Burned Down  
  • Through the Looking Glass: Letters, Pieces, Etc