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Helen Sullivan Culyer
Edward Vincent Sullivan (TV Fame)


1870 census, age 10

1865 census, age 5

1860 census, age 2 months

Helen Culyer Sullivan – oldest daughter

Employee of the NY Custom House in lower Manhattan. When Ed’s twin and oldest sister died, the Sullivans decided that NYC wasn’t a safe place to live.  They moved to Port Chester NY, a suburb of Westchester, county; 26 miles from Manhattan.

Sullivan children attended St Mary’s Parochial School and Port Chester High where Ed did well in English and was a good athlete.  Ed graduated in 1917 running away to Chicago to enlist but was turned down because he was too young.  He worked in Ill. Center Railway yards until cold drove him home.  Ed then went to work for the Port Chester Daily Item covering high school sports.  Leading him eventually to the Hartford Post then the Evening Mail in NY.

"My father was Peter Arthur, his brothers Charles, Michael, Florence and Daniel, the first two brothers, all handsome.  Their father was Florence, their Uncle, Michael Emmett, whose sons were Emmett and Earl.  ... They were great people our forebearers.  It followed that their descendents inherited noble standards as well as the good health.  I remember my uncles especially Uncle Charlie ... so proud of."  (Helen Sullivan Culyer to Judge Sweeney; May 14, 1975)

Was on the Town of Amsterdam Board of Supervisors, Ward 6, in